About Us

Welcome to the FAN CHIOU NET CO., LTD. website

Fan Chiou Net Co., Ltd. was set up in 1959. A history of more than half century speaks loudly of her competitiveness and tenacity.

We engaged in the manufacturing of fishing net. Beginning in the 1960's, sports net line was added to our line of manufacturing. The sport net products have evolved so fast and become the mainline of business.

Quality is our No. 1 concern. Only with a superior quality can Fan Chiou keep growing and thriving, we have come to realize all these years.

We aggressively develop new items and new models, adopting new techniques. That is, we develop and research additional dimensions from time to time. The long established company remains innovative, dynamic, and productive.

Taiwan is a small country with a limited territory, population, and market. We aim to export our products to match our capacity. We care a lot about what a customer speaks or comments.

From the U.S.A. to Europe to Australia, nets we build are visible and popular. Quality and workmanship are rated excellent worldwide.

Our nets have been put in use in various international tournaments and/or games. Dependability and competitiveness are well proven.

We keep working hard to deserve customers' faith and support. Continuous quality improvement coupled with reasonable pricing are our niche.